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  • What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?
    I love to play video and board games, travel, collect art, and have movie marathons with my two kitties, Biscuit and Charlotte =^.^= I also love cooking (mostly healthy but I’m a sucker for comfort food), working out, all kinds of music, singing (I was in choir and a band in college) and being in nature - especially on rainy days - there’s just something about the fresh smell and sound of rain that calms me. I travel a lot as well, whether it’s to MFC conventions, Disney World (my fave!) or to Europe (Poland specifically) to visit family. And I LOVE to hang out on cam and spend time with my Team too! I’m a bit of a nerd and a lot of a goofball so you can count on shenanigans during my live streams and I wouldn't have it any other way!
  • I think I found a Fake Profile of you … Now What?
    Please click REPORT and link to my verified accounts here if needed within your report. You can also use my contact form or can send me a private message on any of my verified sites to report any suspicious accounts to me directly!
  • What is the TEAM?
    Team Ellie is the original fan club that I started back in 2011 when I first started my live streaming career. This club is still active on my home site, MyFreeCams, where you can join for 1234 tokens! Perks include: a friend add, access to private messaging, Team only videos and live show recordings, exclusive and discounted content, lifetime premium Snapchat, special Team only shows and more! Want to join? Click here!
  • What is the Best Way to Support You?
    First off, thank you for even wanting to! It truly warms my heart to know you believe in me and want to support my work! 🙏🏻 There are multiple ways to support me (like purchasing content on my clip sites, tipping during my live streams, sending items from my wish list, subscribing to my fan page at BrielleDay.VIP), but just know that all forms of support are extremely appreciated!
  • When and Where Can I Find Your Live Streams?
    I currently live stream full time on ePlay and MyFreeCams. Check my updated schedule here and follow me on Twitter/Instagram to make sure you get notified when I'll be live!
  • Where Can I Find Your Adult Content?
    I release new content regularly and those who are subscribed to my VIP OnlyFans page get to see it first! Otherwise, you can find ALL of my clips/photo sets on ManyVids and MFC Share and most of my content on iWantClips and Clips4Sale. You can also subscribe to my Free OnlyFans page that I use as a clip store. I am also regularly adding new sites into my rotation! You can find ALL my links here.
  • Are You on Kik/WhatsApp/Dating Websites?
    You can find ALL of my verified accounts here. If you find “me” on a site that isn’t listed on this page, it is a catfish (someone stealing my photos and pretending to be me) - NOT ME! I will never message you first on any platforms and am not on any dating or texting sites outside of what is listed on my links page. Please be cautious and don’t get scammed by any jerks out there! Stay safe! 🙏🏻
  • Do You Create Custom Content?
    Yes! 90% of my scenes are custom content orders and I absolutely love bringing a fantasy and/or character to life! Acting is one of my biggest passions, both SFW and NSFW. If you are interested in purchasing a custom video or photo set from me, please contact me for a quote on OnlyFans, ManyVids, MyFreeCams or via email at I also offer SFW shout-outs on Cameo.
  • Do you Do Skype, Video Calls or Private Shows?
    Currently, I do not offer one-on-one calls or live shows of any kind. The best places to contact me for chatting is via OnlyFans, Fansly, or Sextpanther.
  • Do You Meet in Person?
    I occasionally attend adult industry award shows and conventions (Exxxotica, AVN Expo, etc.) to do signings. Otherwise,I am purely a virtual entertainer and do not do in-person meet ups of any kind. Thank you for understanding!
  • What Are Some Factoids About You? (69 Fun Facts)
    1. I've been a cam girl since 2011 but full-time since 2014!! And loving every minute of it! 🤩 2. I used to be a HUGE tomboy all of middle/high school. I never wore make up or carried a purse, I wore baggy jeans and t shirts, sang in a rock band and skateboarded! It wasn't until college that my girlish side came out 💅🏻 3. I was in dance classes for 10+ years until I graduated college... Ballet, hip hop, folk dance, swing, tap, you name it.. I want to get back into it though and take salsa dancing this year! 💃🏻 4. I graduated in 2013 with two Bachelor's degrees: one in Business Management and the other in Marketing 🎓 5. My favorite candy is orange peels from Fannie Mae 😋🍊 6. Every time I drink, I get a red nose. Also when I'm cold... kids used to make fun of me in elementary school and call me Rudolph lol 🦌 7. I didn't have any friends until middle school... before then I was the dorky girl who was at the top of her class and studied math problems during recess 🤓 8. In 4th grade, my teacher wanted me to move up 2 grades but my mom said no because she didn't want me to hang out with older kids and get in trouble 🤔 9. In high school, I wanted to be involved so I went to a couple cheerleading tryouts/practices.. but decided it wasn't for me and stuck with chess club and science club instead ♟ 10. At home, I live and breathe comfy clothes. The rest of the year, I yearn for warm weather because my closet is PACKED with dresses 🚫👖 11. I used to write a TON... poetry, short stories, etc. I won quite a few school contests too. I really need to get back into it. There's just something about putting pen to paper and getting your creativity flowing that's refreshing. ✍🏻 12. I've been arrested several times.. I had a very troubled home life and needed to rebel. Every time was for underage drinking and having paraphernalia (marijuana) on me. 🚔 13. I pretty much raised my little brother. He's 9 years younger than me and my mom was never really home so I was expected to be there for him all the time. Now, he only listens to and respects me and I'm still expected to discipline/advise him which is.... quite a feat. 😅 14. I've smoked marijuana since I was 15. I grew up in a veryyyy 420 positive household so when my mom found out, I wasn't really punished - moreso guided on how to use it. Which is crazy now that I think back on it. 15. I grew up in a household with little to no rules and lots of abuse. My childhood was anything but full of happy memories. But it has definitely made me a stronger person and turned me into who I am today. 💪🏻 16. Music can change my entire mood. I can put on a certain song or genre and be transported to another time, place and emotion almost instantly. 🎶 17. I'm VERY polish. My dad's side of the family speaks it fluently and I went to polish school when I was younger but I really don't remember much. I also started SUPER late. I was a 4th grader in a kindergarten grade class which was super embarrassing lol 18. I went to Catholic school up until high school. I went to church 2-3 times a week and even was an altar girl. I don't go to church anymore but when I am in a church it definitely brings me back to those fond memories. 💒 19. When I was growing up and in Catholic school, I lived with my great grandma. (Didn't move in with my mom until she passed away). That's probably why I'm more of an old soul. I watched black and white movies, played cards all the time and made pierogis and cakes all day 🃏 20. When I turned 16, I got my first job. I couldn't wait and was so excited to work. After that, I held 3-5 jobs at any time. Business and success is my passion. 💼 21. I used to spend HOURS upon hours playing video games. I still love to play every so often but these days I focus more on work. My favorites still to this day are Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Donkey Kong 64 and SWTOR. 🎮 22. My father was deported when I was 15... which is pretty much when I started rebelling and getting into trouble. It has been hell growing up without him but I'm so blessed to be able to have a career when I can afford to take time off and visit him whenever I get the chance 🙏🏻 23. Since I'm sure a bunch of you pervs are interested... I'm a 34DD with a Grass Fed, Grade A, Free Range booty and hourglass body 🍑 24. I used to work in aviation and traveled around the world in private jets repossessing airplanes. Come to think of it, my first time flying was on a private jet which was... CRAZY. It was one hell of a job to have in my early 20s - always such a rush! ✈ 25. I also worked at a nonprofit for many years, running events that raised millions of dollars for the needy. This was the job that meant the most to me by far. Now, I always donate when I'm asked and try to be as giving as possible. It's really important to me to help those in need since I once was poor myself. 26. I used to have a pet snake name Doug (from the cartoon Doug.... lolol) I also had a pet Scorpion named Delilah which was SO crazy lol I've also had cats, hamsters, chinchillas and fish. Next on my list is a bird! More specifically.. an owl! 🦉 27. I am 100% a cat person and currently have two cats: Biscuit and Charlotte 😻 28. I got into the adult industry at age 18. After holding a ton of jobs (telemarketer, deli worker, cashier, caterer, babysitter, cleaning lady, manager, event planner, etc.), I can say this is the longest one I've had and probably will have! 29. I used to perform for my neighborhood lol.. I would have all the kids come over and sit outside on the front lawn and I would do puppet shows and skits in the window. I also had my great grandma invite her friends over and I would put on variety shows and mass (as in, I pretended I was a priest and would give holy communion and the whole shebang) for them. Sometimes I performed in Polish 🙈 30. I got into beauty pageants when I was 16. I did a LOT of community service in those years and wore my little sparkly crown everywhere 😋👑 31. I was in homecoming court (homecoming queen nominee) my junior year of high school. I didn't win but it was a blast being in all the parades (waving to the little kids lol) and being part of it all. 32. This is a dark one but.. my brother's dad (who is out of the picture now) was addicted to heroin. So THAT'S the kind of household I grew up in. I had to help take care of him, while raising my brother & always broke up physical fights between him & my mom. It was exhausting. 33. I was on a reality tv show. Please don't ask me which one.. It's utterly embarrassing. 🙈 34. My dad was studying to become a priest. My mom was a hippie/groupie/80s party girl... She was throwing a party and saw him walking down the street and invited him up. That's how they met.. lol And I am EXACTLY half of each of them. Needless to say, my dad stop going to seminary school and became a bad boy after that 😅 35. I love working out! I took a body conditioning class in high school that I thought would just be an easy pass and fell in love. It's so interesting to me how strong you can make your body just by doing simple weight lifts over & over again (Yes, I know there's more to it) 💪🏻 36. Both sides of my body are uneven. One leg is longer than the other, one foot is larger than the other, etc... lol 37. I used to be a HUUUGE extrovert. I would talk to anyone, anywhere, any time.. When I became a full time cam girl, that all changed. I isolated myself so much that now I am more introverted and quiet in public settings until I feel comfortable enough to be my goofy self 🙃 38. I am very much so a tell-it-like-it-is person. I am very honest and don't sugarcoat things. Sometimes I think I can be a little too harsh though so it's definitely on my New Year's resolution list to work on for the new year! 39. I originally wanted to go to college to study environmental science.. I didn't know that schools only offered certain degrees (stupidly lol) so when I went to enroll, my adviser told me they didn't have science degrees.. so I just said okay and switched to to Business. 40. I have to rub myself down with lotion everyyy night and everyyy morning otherwise my skin is wayy too dry. Especially during the winter!! Lotion rubdown show anyone? 😉🧴 41. I've worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade. The first pair I ever had were HUGE round circles... I looked like a bug This explains why I didn't have any friends in school at that time. 👓 42. When I was younger, I would sit like... no more than a foot away from the TV. On the floor. (which explains the glasses lol) - And I would eat full bags of carrots/celery, heads of lettuce, etc. like a rabbit 🐰 43. When I was in 7th grade, I became a HUGE class clown. I remember the biggest compliment I received was "you're so funny!"... I don't think I ever got rid of that side of me. I'm a goofball for life and love to keep things lighthearted and fun 🤗 44. I absolutely HATE scary movies. I won't be able to sleep if I even catch a GLIMPSE of a movie preview on TV. 😱 45. My first car was a first generation Mercury Grand Marquis that my grandpa gave me. OMG the amount of people I could fit in that car 😆 I also remember digging in the couch for change to go get 87 cents worth of gas every day lmao 46. I absolutely love to cook!! Although I don't always have the time for it with my busy schedule, I love to entertain guests every chance I get 👩🏻‍🍳 47. I've thought about this A LOT. Like a lot lot. If I could have one super power, it would be that my brain had the power to access the internet any time I needed. 🦸‍♀️ 48. My favorite drink is water but I also looove root beer, sweet tea and green tea too. ☕ 49. When I was in high school, I wanted to semi perm my hair to give it a little body and bounce. My mom told me she could do it...... She burned off all the hair on the top of my head and it grew back in like a reverse mohawk. And THAT was my senior flippin' year. 🥺 50. I have two tattoos: a tiny heart on my finger and the word “Peace” on my lower back that I got when I was 17 (in a very bad part of town by the infamous Roy Boy). We knew they wouldn't care that we were underage and BONUS, he took us across the street to see his tigers when we were done 😅 51. Before owning a house, I owned a condo on the lake and a boat! I definitely miss the boat but the tiny condo, not so much 🚤 52. I currently have my ears and belly button pierced. But I had more ear piercings when I was younger (that I would always do myself lol) and had my nose pierced all of high school. 53. One time I was sick with a chest cold and went to get a spray tan. As soon as the spray came out, I fainted because I couldn’t breathe. 😲 The next day I looked like a leopard because I never washed the splotchy spray tan off 😂 54. I’m pro iPhone. 📱 55. My favorite holiday is Christmas - hands down! Then maybe Easter and Independence Day after that 🎄 56. Neck kisses and booty massages are my weakness 😍 57. I wore Invisalign for three years. THREE YEARS. But it was definitely worth it. 😬 58. My Starbucks coffee order: tall iced caramel macchiato with almond milk and cinnamon. Although I don't really drink coffee much anymore and stick moreso with chai lattes or green tea with mint ☕ 59. Rainy days are my favorite 🌧 60. I was a platinum blonde for 10+ years. Thank goodness I snapped out of it and went to my natural dark blonde color 😋 61. When I was 18, I did nude modeling for art classes. It was awful holding one pose for hours but so cool to have local artists draw and paint me. I wish I still had photos of the art 🎨 62. Every year, I make homemade Limoncello. And it's delicious! 🍋 63. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to Portugal (my favorite place I've ever been) or Spain (never been but want to go badly!). 64. I *have* to brush my teeth after every meal or have a mint/gum at the very least. Fresh breath is key 🙌🏻 65. I swallow.... my gum. 🙊 67. I won’t use red lighters. Has anyone else ever heard that they are bad luck? Or just me?! 68. I’m a superrrr anti hoarder. I’m constantly cleaning out closets, donating, etc. I like to keep a very tidy and organized home. On the downside of this, there’s a bunch of photos and old phones I’ve gotten rid of that, now that I’m a bit older, I wish I still had 😓 69. I’m definitely more of a dominant type... But I also love being thrown around and being taken control of 😏
  • Can I Interview You for my Website/Publication?
    Absolutely! Please reach out using the contact form on my home page or via email at
  • How Did You Get into the Adult Industry?
    Growing up, I was heavily involved in theatre, choir, beauty pageants and dance (ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz.. you name it, I tried it). Entertaining was truly a passion for me. Then when I turned 18, I joined a local burlesque dance company and performed my self-created routines on stage and at private parties. It was incredible! Being paid to entertain was a dream come true. I dabbled in burlesque for about a year before I started taking on more erotic gigs (full nude performances, bachelor party entertainment, topless bartending, posing nude for art classes, the list goes on…). Soon after, in 2011, one of my close friends told me about webcamming. I immediately created an account on the site they recommended (MyFreeCams) and was hooked. In 2013, I graduated college with two Bachelor’s degrees, in Business and Marketing, and started my own marketing firm. A year later, I realized entertaining was my true passion and quit my day job to become a full-time live streamer and content creator. The rest is history!
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